Counterparty and Partnership Details

✅Counterparty Details
TokenPost is a professional blockchain media that delivers the information of the ecosystem of blockchain technology and digital assets which is considered as the core of the 4th industrial revolution. It was established in February 2017 and continuously expanded to TokenPost International in 2019 and Tokenpost Japan in 2020. TokenPost which collaborates with Econotimes, a global professional economic magazine, will link the ecosystems of the blockchain throughout the world and become a pathway to the future.

🤝Partnership Details
The fundamental goal of the agreement between the two companies is to cooperate and successfully build a competitive business platform with NFT technology that will develop a market. The agreement will ultimately seek the complementary benefit by cooperation to become popularized and achieve advancement in technology and business model.

The MOI platform will spread out and be responsible and inspiring member of the global blockchain community with TokenPost with advancement in technology and uniqueness of business model which is NFT platform including metaverse that contributes to the world and 4th industry. To arrive at the future that MOI platform desire, MOI will continuously and actively share the experience, technology, know-how, and advice with TokenPost and put an idea into action.

The partnership will result the following benefits on both sides:

1. Successful business planning and originality will add up a public confidence to the TokenPost and form a great allinace among the blockchain ecosystems.
2. Both companies will share up to dated technology, knowledge, news, and know-how to expand and apply to their business field.
3. It increases the possibility to business expansion in near future.

The initial action of the partnership begins with active interaction and sharing of knowledge and technology.

📝 List of official MOI channels:

Instagram — @moi_.official



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MOI Official

MOI Official

MOI (My Own Item) is a decentralized NFT platform for Minting, trading, bidding and communicating.