Token swap on 30th May 2022

My Own Item token supports the conversion of tangible assets, and digital assets into NFTs using blockchain technology, generating revenue through economic activities on the platform.

The team is planning for a My Own Item token swap. There will be no changes to the “MOI” ticker. The swapping process was necessary for the project to increase the efficiency of the blockchain performance and adapt to the growth in volume and complication of the service in past years of development. The upgrade will allow the team to build better security in the system.

My Own Item token will remain on the blockchain as ERC-20h tokens. The previous version of the MOI token will not be supported by the My Own Item team and no service platform or product will accept the unswapped MOI token in the ecosystem after completion of swap

Swap Detail

- Token Info.:
- Token contract address: 0x8C76155F890E268882C8fD91D3350332b18d3A0B
- Swap URL:
- Official Swap Period:
- Start: 03 June 2022
- End: 14 June 2022

Please be sure to double-check the schedule of the swap period of each exchange as it may vary in accordance with their announcement. The official swapping service of MOI, however, will remain open after the official swap period announced above.



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MOI Official

MOI Official

MOI (My Own Item) is a decentralized NFT platform for Minting, trading, bidding and communicating.