MOI W2E 3 Steps

MOI Official
Aug 2, 2022


Step 1️⃣: Join the official MOI Discord channel via the invitation link and sign up as a member at the MOI Market or MOIZA Community. Prepare your MetaMask wallet as well.

Step 2️⃣: Purchase limited membership NFTs sold on OpenSea and MOI Market. If you participate in the promotions announced through Discord, you can purchase them at a huge discount.

Step 3️⃣: Review artworks in the market, rate them with stars, post your opinions on MOIZA, and recommend potential artworks or creators to us. All your activities are rewarded with MOI tokens.

📝 List of official MOI channels:

Website —
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MOI Official

MOI (My Own Item) is a decentralized NFT platform for Minting, trading, bidding and communicating.