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Frequently Asked Questions

Hello Everyone.
Welcome to My Own Item, MOI!

What is MOI?

MOI (MyOwnItem) is the #1 Blockchain based NFT Platform. The innovation of NFT platform, MOI will define whole new value of digital asset.

What is NFT?

NFT (Non-fungible Token) is a technology that gives a unique authentication to digital content using blockchain technology.

What is the main MOI goal?

MOI aims to maximize the profitability for the users through NFT, reform the centralized, powerful and monopolistic trading platform, and build a social platform for the development of NFT to benefit the users.

What is MOIZA?

MOIZA (MOI + PLAZA) is a social platform of MOI. Users can post their own NFT items, vote on postings they like, display works owned by others and so on with MOIZA. It’s like the Instagram of MOI.

Which token will be used in this project?

Users are allowed to used ETH and MOI tokens on the platform.

What is Project CLAN?

Project CLAN is MOI’s first project to promote and exhibit the physical and digital works created by director OJS’s unique imagination and future worldview both online and offline.

What is #MOI DAO?

MOI DAO is an open space that provides W2E services where members can earn MOI tokens through various activities such as recommending, reviewing, and trading the works of creators.

Where can I buy MOI ERC-20 based token?

MyOwnItem ERC20 based token is already listed on Coinmarketcap, DigiFinex.

What projects is MOI working on now?

MOI is working on the following projects
– MOI Project BEE (Coming soon)
OJS’ CLAN Project
NFT Market
– NFT Membership (Coming soon)
NFT Community
– Artwork Curation
– Promotion
– Exhibition(Metaverse & Hall)

What is DreamVerse?

Dreamverse is a 3D virtual reality platform where players can freely build a perfect world on the purchased land, and can enter the land of other players to watch and interact. Players can create their own platform while creating revenue.

Does MOI have partners?

Of course!

Where can I check the latest listed items?

Please visit this website

How can I contact MOI?

Please reach out to us — 📩

Connect with MOI:

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MOI Official

MOI (My Own Item) is a decentralized NFT platform for Minting, trading, bidding and communicating.