✅Action Mining is a special mining mechanism of the MOI platform. It defines and calculates all the interactions that users make in the MOI ecosystem under the regulation built by the platform. MOI does not only provides the primary function of the NFT platform but also rewards the contribution of users which is the core element of the ecosystem itself with actual benefits.

✅It works as the virtuous circle of making and distributing profit to both users and platform and is a great incentive for every party of the platform to work desirably. Users will recognize themselves as the prosumer and is motivated to participate more actively in the platform. MOI will be contributed with high quality and quantity of contents from users and reward them back with mining which makes the entire relationship with each other a complimentary.

In addition, all participants are rewarded MOI according to their level of contribution on:
1. submitting reviews on works or items
2. participating in auctions
3. active creation
4. purchasing and/or selling works

📝 List of official MOI channels:

Instagram @moi_.official