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Gut is a long traditional belief that has been with the history of Korean people. Based on archaeological data, the history of the ritual bell compared to that of the shaman today can be traced back to the Neolithic period and the second king of Silla, Namhae Cha Cha Woong, mentioned in “Samguk Sagi” and “Samguk Yusa” (historical records of Korea), and was a dialect of shamanism. In “Goryeosa” there is a record of gathering martial arts and performing a ritual for rain.

The “Palgwanhoe” of the Goryeo Dynasty is also a combination of Buddhist and Shamanistic events. However, when Confucianism entered the Joseon Dynasty, it was taboo. It is good news that Gut is newly illuminated these days. Gut consists of various elements such as music, dance, doubles, and shamanism, so it is our precious cultural asset that has the root of traditional art and the function of delegating people.

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