Ask Me Anything Session

⭐️MyOwnItem is hosting its first online AMA (Ask Me Anything) in the telegram group!

🗣With the CEO, SeungPyo Lee, as a host of the event, this session will provide a moment to share details about the project and to communicate with the people who are interested in the project.

🤝The AMA session will not only be a single-sided lecture about the project but it will be an interactive discussion with the early questionnaire that has been registered on the form provided. (

The registration of the questionnaire will be close on 21:00(GMT+9) 22nd of May 2021.

The expected opportunity at the event will introduce many individuals to NFT business and give a better understanding of the MOI project by answering selected questions from the audience by CEO himself.

Telegram location:
Date and Time: 24th of May 2021 Monday 16:00(GMT+9)
Questionnaire Registration: Before 22nd of May 2021 Saturday 21

📝 List of official MOI channels:

Instagram — @moi_.official



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